The CHAMPION project acts to strengthen the local business environment to align it with the needs of people with a migrant background. The project focuses on the concept of social entrepreneurship, which is considered vital for generating a positive impact on people and societies.

The background

According to several studies, people with a migrant background have worse salaries and have a higher than average unemployment rate. In this framework, the COVID pandemic has not improved the economic situation but has increased the risk of marginalization and social exclusion for people with a migrant background. 

Through the Champion project, we want:

To equip adults with a migrant background with knowledge, skills and competences

related to the design and creation of cultural heritage-based social enterprises or innovation initiatives.

Create social enterprises

based on cultural heritage and potential success stories.

Supporting adults with a migrant background

to transform the skills acquired during their training into practice.

Champion activities will include:

Research analysis and study on the critical factors related to the creation of social enterprises by people with a migrant background in the partner countries and in the EU, and subsequent identification of success stories.

Empirical research with focus on success and failure factors for the creation of social enterprises and social initiatives, by people with migrant background.

Mapping of the world of training, analysis of programs, existing C-VET training courses.

Definition of the action-centred pedagogical approach and definition of the competence matrix for the training programme.

Definition of the structure and contents of the CHAMPION Training Program and the Action Lab.

Development of the method of assessment and verification of skills for participants in the training course.

Champion Resources will include:

Curriculum and Syllabus, describing context, action-based learning approach, skills matrix, skills assessment approach, and structure and content.

Assessment tool of acquired skills with teaching contents, support materials.

Practical content, exercises and tasks for the learner, enabling to put into practice the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in the training program.

Support method for professionals in the field of entrepreneurship and business support, to guide and support students in their ideation and creation processes.

Validation report that analyzes the results and provides recommendations for improvement of the Action Lab.